A legislative dictatorship or a lack of negotiation ?

In an interview with a a journalist of Radio Canada, the President Martelly had declared "...and today, we see that we are experiencing simply a legislative dictatorship", statements which have made react several parliamentarians, according to them there is no legislative dictatorship but rather a lack of negotiations. (more…)

Remarks of President Martelly on the political crisis

In an interview broadcasted last Monday on the television of Radio Canada, the President Martelly gave an update on the current political crisis, among other : the absence of Prime Minister, of a government, free education, the state of relations between the Executive and Legislative, the Constitution... We reproduce the ... Read More

Martelly in Argentina

During his visit to Argentina today the President Martelly will not meet the Presidente Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the latter is in the southern province of Santa Cruz for family reasons. Therefore, Martelly will meet with the Cabinet Chief of the President, Aníbal Fernández. (more…)
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