Gousse «KO» 16 – 0

For more than seven hours, the Senators in favor of the candidacy of Prime Minister-designate, Me Bernard Gousse, "have tried" to analyze, on the form, the report of the Commission in a atmosphere stormy and confused. (more…)

Appeal to the spontaneous evacuation

To 7pm, this evening, the center of the Tropical Storm Emily was located to 16.9 degrees north and 70.6 degrees West. At 257 km South East of Port au Prince (160 miles) with sustained winds (maximum) of 85 km/h (50 mph). Emily is currently stationary but still produces heavy rain ... Read More

The Grenadiers are favorites in Group F, but…

The Grenadiers will compete in the playoffs of the second round which will begin September 6, 2011 and ends November 15, to try to get one of the three first qualification places for the finals of the 2014 World Cup to be played in Brazil.  (more…)

New HIV cases stay steady in US over decade

NEW YORK - Despite years of great progress in treating AIDS, the number of new infections of the virus that causes it has remained stubbornly around 50,000 a year in the United States for a decade, according to figures federal officials released yesterday. (more…)

Obama gets a lucrative birthday gift

Reporting from Chicago— One day after wrapping up a tense budget deal that will impose severe spending cuts, President Obama returned home to Chicago on Wednesday night to pick up campaign cash and tell voters he is refocusing on the ailing economy. (more…)
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