homeowner assistance program is expanded

The Obama administration, seeking to help more homeowners lower their interest rates and shed mortgage debt, will relax the rules on a federal loan-modification program and triple its incentives to banks. (more…)

Haitian coffee is making a comeback

THIOTTE, Haiti — Connoisseur Osier Jean steps into the sterile room, pauses and clears his mind. With notebook and flavor wheel in hand, he quickly turns to the task at hand — checking the quality. He sniffs, slurps and swirls, allowing his senses to take in the richness. (more…)

Haiti – Technology : Solar-powered safety

Insufficient public lighting is a major concern in Haiti's camps, as darkness provides cover for criminals preying on residents. In the months following January 12, 2010, as assaults and robberies mounted, some camp managers resorted to curfews to try to curb violence. (more…)
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