Bélo to Jacmel presents his third album «Haïti Debout»

Under the auspices of the telephone company Digicel and the company Handzup Groupe, the internationally renowned Haitian artist, Belony Murat aka, “Bélo” was in Jacmel, Saturday, August 20, 2011 in the Garden of Village d’Or, to present [after “Lakou trankil” and “Référence”] his third album [launched July 23, 2011 in the Haitian capital], entitled “Haïti Debout”, to the press of Jacmel.

Many fans and supporters of the artist were at this great event. The committed artist, presented the thirteen tracks of his latest album, including :

“Louvri Je w” which describes the political reality of the country where the Haitians only repeats that the political matters of the country do not concern them any more, while they are all victims of the system, said Bélo.

In “Ti Jan”,, Bélo denounced the trafficking of children and the use of the latter in prostitution and drug in the country.

With “Pitit deyò”, the artist poses the problems of the Diaspora in Haiti, of the dual nationality and some other social problems. The artist said he was inspired by his experience in other foreign countries, where he met fellow countrymen who are often victims of dual nationality, while they left Haiti for economic or political reasons.

Price RFI 2006, with his first album “Lakou trankil”, Bélo believes there is hope for Haiti. He called on all Haitians to show solidarity, as they did during the earthquake of 2010, to put the country on the rails of development.

Harry Luck [native of the city of Saint Marc], the assistant manager of Bélo and the responsible of Handzup Groupe, has declared that similar meetings with journalists, will be organized in all other provincial cities, to allow the press to discover the latest album of Bélo.

He announced a national tour for the end of October 2011 stating that “this year, we focus on local entertainment, to raise awareness about the social problems that the country faces now,” adding that on September 3, Bélo will participate in a festival in Dominican Republic with Shaggy and many other foreign artists.

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