We found out about an incident that occurred on Friday between Oxygen maestro Rigort Altenord and the band manager Gary. To understand what really went on we got in touch with Rigort to get his side of the story. And, during the course of our conversation we asked one more question which we received a bombshell answer for from both Rigort and Darbenz +The assistant manager Fanfan Senatus.

We found out that Rigort had decided to fire one of the musician of the band (Jean Riche) without the manager’s knowledge; the band had a rehearsal session on Friday, when Jean Riche showed up he noticed that he had a replacement who happens to be Tempo guitar “Ti Will”. Apparently, the manager who was on his way to that place to meet with the band found out about the situation from Rigort during a phone conversation…DISASTER… We found out the manager allegedly joure Rigort and said “Pa fout Janm rele telefon mwen anko… ti vagabon”.

Rigort tells BASEKOMPA.COM that “Jean Riche tap bay dezod,” and ever since he didn’t show up for that previous gig he told Gary that “Mwen pa nan Jean Riche a anko”, therefore the manager knew a replacement was coming. Rigort says he was so shocked Friday night when “Gary joure manman’m nan telefon nan paske figi miche pat janm montre se yon moun konsa’l teye”.

I asked Rigort if he sees any future for Oxygen with the same team. Since Fanfan Senatus and Darbenz were on the phone line as well; all three of them told BASEKOMPA.COM that the band has agreed to continued without Gary “Oxygen nan pap kanpe,” they said.

Tet charje…

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