I was on the phone with last night with Darbenz, Patrick Apolon and Rigort Altenord. The all 3 musicians wants to prove to the world that they have not given any COUP D’ETAT to the manager, Darbenz came with a challenge… 

Since the situation degenerated Oxygen manager Gary has already canceled 2 gigs this past weekend, one on Saturday night, and the other one was a festival in NY on Sunday. Now, Oxygen has two gigs for this upcoming weekend; One on Friday with Carimi and the other one with Kreyol la in DC.

Darbenz tells BASEKOMPA.COM that Gary is still his manager, that’s why he’s challenging him to call Rigort with an apology regarding the incident and to tell the band at what time they need to be at the club to play with Carimi on Friday and when /where the van will pick all the musicians up to DC so they can play with Kreyol la on Saturday. Patrick Apolon approved the challenge and added that he would give a lot of respect to Gary he lets them play those gigs.

Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.

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