I asked the new maestro if Darbenz will be at the rehearsal tonight, he said NO, until manager Gary tells him otherwise because he didn’t have no business with these other guys in the band but the manager

Since Darbenz told me that the whole band including Lobertho had decided to continue without Gary , I asked the new maestro what he had to say.Loberto tells RP that that the real mastermind behind all that is Darbenz; “Neg yo te vin eseye moute tet mwen kont Gary tou,” he said. But he can’t be manipulated by anyone because he knows Gary may not be a perfect guy, so doesn’t anyone. Thus, he’s in the band just like any other musician “Moun paka ap di’m sa neg la fe ak sa’l pa fe… Darbenz ak lot neg yo fin pran desizyon yo pou yo te fe afe yo.. Kounye a sepou yo degage yo,’’ Lobertho said.

Lobertho: the whole move was calculated based on Gary being a stupid guy and would not have any PLAN B without them. “Oxygen ap repete aswe a… Darbenz met al repete ak Jazz pal la yon lot kote si’l at vle repete aswe a tou”. At the end, he said when he was joining this band Gary sat down with him in his living room, not Darbenz.

Lobertho said when realized things was about to blow out of proportion, he begged Darbenz and Rigort Altenord so many times to sit down with Gary, they said NO they would not.

We’ll tell you about Oxygen replacements for Drummer and lead singer in a different thread.

Your thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated.


neg la te nen zenglen bien prop,li pete kouri wa tande koze

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