Success of Carnival 2012, congratulations of Minister of the Interior

Me Thierry Mayard-Paul, the Minister of Interior and Local Authorities strongly congratulates the different actors involved in the organization of Carnival 2012, which was a huge success.

First of all, the Minister congratulates the people of Les Cayes “who has demonstrated an unparalleled hospitality and of an exemplary participation in the activities of the three fat days.” It also intends to greet “the dynamism and know-how of the support committee to the local committee who have both made an excellent job.”

Not to mention the contribution of the Secretariat of State for Public Security, of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, the OFATMA, of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Energy, of the Directorate of Civil Protection, of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Culture, which was crucial in the progression and success of this great cultural event. To all those who helped to rescue lives and provide first aid to revelers in trouble, the Ministry of Interior sends its most sincere thanks.”

Me Thierry Mayard Paul highlights in particular the commitment of the Departmental Delegate of South, M. Gabriel Fortuné, and also that of the Municipal Administration of Les Cayes presided by Mr. Yvon Chery and congratulates the synergy between the private sector and local authorities, particularly the security forces for the impeccable work they have done before and during the course and who made of Carnival of this year a model.

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