Haiti – Politic : 3 announcements of President Martelly

On the occasion of the 6th mission of the Club of Madrid in Haiti held from December 19 to 21 under the sign of consensus, Michel Martelly the President of the Republic has made three major announcements.

Amendment of the Constitution
“I propose that within a period close to be determined with the Parliament, to advance on the Constitutional Amendment as expected by political actors, the Diaspora and the people of Haiti”  Court of Cassation
The President also promised to “complete the formalities that should allow to complete the number of judges of the Court of Cassation” and that with the support of the Senate of the Republic.

CEP & elections
“Soon, I will convene in an inclusive selection process as noted by the Prime Minister Conille, all the conditions necessary to form and makes functional the Permanent Electoral Council representing the Haitian people,” Permanent Electoral Council who is expected in section 289.3 of the Constitution “The mission of this Provisional Electoral Council shall end with the inauguration of President-elect.” Recall that the elections to renew one third of the Senate, and municipal must be organized, and that until now no date has yet been set.

“I will do everything in my power and my responsibilities so that take place, as soon as possible, the elections to renew a third of the Senate and local government,” said Martelly, adding” I share, of course, the concerns expressed by Mr. Serge Gilles on the seriousness and transparency of “electoral institution. I will ensure, in accordance with the Constitution.”

“There is no doubt. Such measures will help with strength, to the deepening of democracy, freedoms and the rule of law, such measures reinforces me in my desire to install better governance in the management of public affairs of the country to build a stable and prosperous society through inclusive constructive dialogue,” added the President in his speech at the close of the working session with the Club of Madrid.

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