Haiti – Economy : Budget 2011-2012 of the Republic of Haiti, 119,6 billion gourds

For the second year, the Haitian Government budget exceeds 100 billion gourds. For fiscal year 2011-2012, the draft law on the budget, stood at 119,8 billion gourdes (± 3 billion dollars), a 11% increase on the 2010-2011 budget which amounted to 106,3 billion gourds http://www.haitilibre.com/article-1636-haiti-economie-le-budget-2010-2011-depend-a-66-de-l-aide-internationale.html (in french) This draft bill ... Read More

Scientists: Haiti, DR May Be Facing Big Quake Period

The 7.0-magnitude earthquake that shook Haiti two years ago nearly demolished the city and took both residents and geologists by surprise. Now, scientists say they've identified a centuries-long cyclical pattern of earthquakes that means more significant earthquake activity is on the way. Seismic-proof structures are being urged. (more…)

Haiti President Now Says No Pardon for Duvalier

Haitian President Michel Martelly on Friday backed off a suggestion from an interview a day earlier that he might be open to a pardon for former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier. He said he meant only that he wanted an end to the internal conflict that has long afflicted his country. (more…)
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