Reconstruction : Electricity a priority of President Martelly

The President Michel Martelly, has proceeded, yesterday Monday, September 26, 2011, at the opening of the work on the energy sector in Haiti. The ceremony was held at the Ritz Kinam Hotel in the presence of Joseph Williams of the CARICOM, of Minister Jacques Gabriel of Public Works, Transportation and Communications (MTPTC), of Garry Valdémar, Director General of Electricity of Haiti (EDH) and representatives of various organizations and associations operating in this sector.

I expect from your thoughts that you identify the lines of action from which, will be developed and established a rational, pragmatic policy of the energy in Haiti” has supported the Head of State during a workshop organized for the circumstances.

The President Martelly said he was aware of various problems related to energy in Haiti, recalling that the EDH, state company responsible for the distribution of electricity in the country, has only 200,000 subscribers for a population of over 8 million. Consequently, the Head of State announced that it will take all necessary steps to implement a coherent structure at the level of the energy sector where will come converge the efforts and initiatives of the private and public sectors.

The Head of State is convinced that the country must have the electricity infrastructure necessary for the development the industry, creating jobs and improving living conditions of the population. In addition to the Education, the the creation of Jobs, the Environment and the establishment of the Rule of Law, the President Martelly, said that the energy is now, one of the priorities of his five-year term.

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