Haiti – Politic : Dr. Garry Conille ratified 89-0

Convened in Assembly by Sorel Jacinthe, the President of the Bureau of the lower house, the 89 deputies present, listened Abel Descolines, Recording Secretary of the Special Commission on the analysis of documents of the candidate for Prime Minister, make the presentation of the work of the Commission and its recommendations.

“…the special parliamentary commission has found that the file of Prime Minister designate, Dr. Garry Conille has raised all sorts of doctrinal controversy, a detailed analysis of all documents has been made both in the light of the prescribed constitutional than that of the international conventions ratified by Haiti. It was able to present at the Assembly of Deputies not only doctrinal notes on the notion of residence but also legal texts required to collaborate its argumentation.

It did not just analyze the documents by a simple analysis of the information provided but also by checking their Authenticities.

Consequently, the special parliamentary commission has the privilege to recommend to the Assembly of the chamber of Deputies to give a vote in favor to the ratification of the choice of prime minister-designate, Dr. Garry Conille…”

After a short session of less than one hour, the entire lower house voted unanimously the ratification of Dr. Garry Conille as Prime Minister.

Result of vote: 89 for, Result of vote: 89 for

Never seen before, but as we say in the country, everything is possible in Haiti, even the impossible !

The ratification process will continue next Tuesday by the analysis of the record of the Prime Minister designate by the Senate commission which should be formed shortly.

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