Does Rodolphe Joazile think that he’s the Prime Minister ?

Rodolphe Joazile, President of the Senate continues the strategy of the G16 which aims to make people believe that the Presidency has no program and that the Senators “responsible” doing everything that they can to establish the priorities of government in order to help he next Prime Minister. Joazile is careful in his public statements, to recall that the Government program is the responsibility of the Prime Minister,

the latter must disclose its contents in its statement of General Policy… The absence of Prime Minister does not mean the absence of a program. Taking advantage of the abscence of a Prime Minister, the Senators believe that they are invested with the authority to play this role. We must be blind not to see that the approach essentially aims to discredit the Head of State and not to meet the interests of the people, as they like to declare…

On Monday, the Senate President declared
“…officially there was no consultation engaged between the President of the Republic and the Presidents of both Houses on the case of the Prime Minister, but there are consultations than ourselves, at the level of office of the Senate, have started with some Senators

[…] We are in discussions with the actors of civil society to look beyond the question of the Prime Minister, how we can arrive to implement what we might call a “turning together” in the country, because we have a number of challenges ahead.

[…] Today it is necessary that those who make policy in the country, the privileged actors, begin to think to know on which route they will put the country. Thus beyond the question of the Prime Minister, we make this reflection […] we meet with the key sectors of society so that we can brainstorm ideas on major issues and I think that this will facilitate the task of the person that will be Prime Minister and the entire government in general […] sooner or later there will be a Prime Minister […] sooner or later the country will have a government […] but to do what ?

From the beginning, that’s what I always say to the President of the Republic, we will put a government OK, but what is the program ? What is the content ? Today we started to sit with a range of sectors, we are making efforts, consultations […] To ask the real problems of this country […] We deal with issues of elections with great tact and dexterity in the search for a modus vivendi, the problem of the IHRC, of the national sovereignty, of the public safety and education we believe that we make a step in the right direction…”

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